"Jodie really stepped in and helped us out of a difficult situation. We were retiring and moving to a new location and thought that we would be able to handle the packing ourselves. However, due to some unexpected medical issues we were not able to do so. We contacted Jodie rather last minute and she arranged her schedule so that she could help us out of this bind. She gave much needed advice about what to pack and what to keep out for the remaining days prior to our actual move. She brought in extra help that was needed and packed everything carefully and efficiently. At times, Jodie would also make suggestions regarding what we might consider donating. She did this in a very considerate manner and left the final decision in our hands. I would recommend her services to anyone considering a move or anyone who needs to organize their home or officep She Packed our home in preparation for moving. This involved all eight rooms and also an attic. Everything was wrapped carefully and we have not had any breakage. Jodie provided all the help that was necessary and also let us know what packing supplies we would need." - J. Clarke, Angie's List

"Jodie is truly exceptional and sets the standard for all organizers/ designers. To start, Jodie skillfully and expertly designed a gorgeous walk in closet for our home. She also made the ordering/ hardware and color selection processes very easy. Not only does the closet look beautiful, it also hits every mark in elegantly maximizing the space we had to work with. Every time I look at the closet, I thank Jodie for the feeling of serenity that one has with a very well organized space. She is such a pleasure to work with - if considering home organization/ closets, be sure to put Jodie on your list!" - Sharon A.E., Google

"Jodie is amazing! She has not only helped me get more organized, but to STAY more organized! She is warm and friendly yet professional and highly efficient. I don't know what I would do without her!" - Becky Frazer, Facebook

"Jodie is amazing! She took the time to explain the method to her madness and in a mere 3 hours she transformed my pantry from a disaster to a space of beauty and organization. 3 hours with Jodie saved me many, many hours of trying to figure it out myself and the outcome wouldn't have been as fantastic. Highly recommend." - Shelly Jones, Facebook

"Jodie is very pleasant to work with. She is very friendly, respectful, and professional. She helped unpack my dining room, as well as many clothes from suitcases into my closet. The most helpful aspect was getting all of my clothes sorted out and weeding out the ones I really didn't wear anymore. She was delicate about it, but would certainly help decide if it was time for something to go. She's very nice to work with and goes above the call of duty. When we discovered major leaking in my bedroom, she stayed late to move furniture out of harm's way so it wouldn't get damaged by water. I would definitely hire her again. Prices seem in line with other organizers I have spoken to-- not cheap, but the industry standard. Worth the money to have a professional help keep your home neat and organized." - J. Feldman, Angie's List

"We were moving into a new house from a rented home. Jodie and her helpers help us pack.They did it in a great methodical way, so when they unpacked us at our new house it was easy for them and us. Their work ethic, especially Jodie's, is amazing. Don't let the price fool you, Jodie has done months worth of work for us, and we use her more then your regular average use but it completely worth it. Jodie unpacked us, organized things, helped us go through our things and weed out what we wanted and didn't. She and her helpers went through room by room unpacking and organizing, the family room, living room, kitchen, office, guest bedrooms, master bedroom, and dressing rooms, all were done to perfection; and Jodie still does work for us to this day. I HIGHLY recommend SOUPerior Organizing for all your organizing needs!" - S. Langhorne, Angie's List

"Jodie provided me the motivation I needed to start my projects. She was very punctual, easy to work with, and has been excellent with following up and answering all my questions. I look forward to continuing to work with her and even bought a gift certificate for her services for a friend that really would love some organizational help." - J. Morin, Angie's List

"Today was my first meeting with Jodie. I was very nervous but within minutes, I felt at ease. There was no judgement over ALL my clutter; she assessed each room and went straight to work! I feel like in the short amount of time, we got a lot done. She left with bags to take straight to donation! I am eager to do the homework she gave me and feel excited, not nervous, for the next visit!" - Karlyn Catabay, Facebook

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